#TakeAction is a community outreach plan established by the Kenosha Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families (KLIHF) collaborative to help navigate African American women, fathers, and families through social determinants, which affect infant mortality.

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Monday Sep 30, 2019

After nine amazing years at the Kenosha County Division of Health, the KLIHF program is relocating to a new location. The KLIHF final health equity informational podcast gives you insight on next steps, and how you can stay involved with LIHF. Congratulation LIHF on your new Journey! #TakeACTION #HealthEquity #NextLevelOfGreatness

Wednesday Sep 18, 2019

Sharmain Harris the Dedicated Dad Program (DDP) Coordinator and Kyle Smith the DDP Mentor joined the KLIHF Health Equity Podcast series to discuss the biases the media, or the community might perceive about fatherhood involvement. Sharmain and Kyle provides a blueprint to guide fathers through the obstacles of child support, parenting, and postpartum depression. This podcast will take you on a road trip to wellness, and how impactful fatherhood involvement is on a child’s life.

Saturday Sep 14, 2019

Dr. Dominique Pritchett joins us on the KLIHF Podcast series to continue the discussion around mental health. On July 18, 2019, Dr. Dominique participated in the KLIHF Health Equity Forum providing the attendees with educational resources to build more platforms, to help the community understand the barriers with mental health. Let’s Talk mental Health will innovate the communities to change legislations and provide better services for mental health.

Tuesday Sep 10, 2019

Lori Peters and Briana Knuuti joins the KLIHF team during September, National Infant Mortality Awareness month to provide tools, and educational resources for viewers about how the Nurse Home Visiting Program impacts families to thrive in challenging situation. Sit back and listen as Lori and Briana takes the viewers on a journey to encourage families to be confident, resilient, and to provide healthy options during and after pregnancy. 

Friday Aug 23, 2019

Shalonda Black discusses the mission and vision of child support, identifying the road blocks, and the new plan. How the new services provided will strengthen mothers, fathers, and the family dynamic to build a partnership. Shalonda provides community resources that encourages families to advocate for their children together as a family unit.

Monday Jul 15, 2019

This podcast covers youth empowerment, increasing access to health services for youth, and helping youth discover their identities with guest Ariel Owens. As the founder of Ari Empowers, a Youth Empowerment Agency created in 2018, she is dedicated to “lifting as she climbs”, sharing her knowledge and personal experiences to affirm and encourage others. Ari fulfills her purpose through an emphasis on identity, storytelling, and reflection.

Monday Jul 15, 2019

This episode is an introduction to the Kenosha Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families #TakeACTION Health Equity Podcast. Listen in to hear about the KLIHF program, learn more about the program manager Atifa Robinson, and what to expect from this podcast series.

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